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Medusa Brooch

SKU: CY/CN/BH-0800
Sale priceRs. 3,600.00

The Jwala-e-Jung Brooch is a captivating symbol of resilience and rebirth. This accessory showcases an intricately designed phoenix in all its fiery glory, radiating majestic aura. Adorned with brilliant green gemstones that mirror its radiant plumage, it embodies the triumph of overcoming challenges and rising stronger. With empowering symbolism, the Brooch inspires courage to face life's trials. Wear it with pride as a timeless emblem of resilience, reminding you to emerge from adversity with renewed strength and pride.

Material :Brass

Embroidery :Glass Stone

Care Instructions :To make the accessories last longer avoid harsh chemicals and moisture


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Medusa Brooch
Medusa Brooch Sale priceRs. 3,600.00