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Medusa Brooch

SKU: CY/CN/BH-0820
Sale priceRs. 3,300.00

Medusa Brooch is a captivating accessory showcases an intricately designed Medusa, exuding an aura of enchantment and power. Crafted with artistry, the brooch captures the serpent-haired Gorgon's gaze that turns hearts to stone. Adorned with a brilliant green gemstone, it radiates a mesmerizing allure. Wear the Medusa Brooch as a bold statement of your inner strength and confidence, a reminder that facing life's challenges with unwavering poise can transform adversity into empowerment, just like the legendary Medusa herself.

Material :Brass

Embroidery :Glass Stone

Care Instructions :To make the accessories last longer avoid harsh chemicals and moisture

Medusa Brooch
Medusa Brooch Sale priceRs. 3,300.00