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Shimmer of Red Mala

SKU: CY/CN/M-0224
Sale priceRs. 9,500.00

The Shimmer of Red Mala beckons with an arresting allure, a curated ensemble of crimson beads that transcends the conventional. Each bead possesses an intrinsic radiance, casting a spell of bold sophistication. Far beyond mere adornment, this mala is a declaration of unapologetic glamour, a symphony of red that demands attention and kindles the spirit. Grace yourself with the Shimmer of Red Mala and embody the essence of alluring elegance.

Material :Brass

Embroidery :Glass Stone

Care Instructions :To make the accessories last longer avoid harsh chemicals and moisture


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Shimmer of Red Mala
Shimmer of Red Mala Sale priceRs. 9,500.00